About Me

A Little About Me:

Hi!  My name is Angela Correll and I've been a practicing massage therapist since 2004.  I graduated from the Colorado School of Healing Arts in Lakewood, Colorado. I've been in private practice in Littleton and now in Greenwood Village, Colorado.  

Why I Do This!

I have spent many years working with clients to help them feel better! I truly want improvement  for each and every client and I focus my attention and intention on just that!  I am honored to have many long time clients that have chosen to share their health and lives with me. I am grateful to be able to spend my time helping others. 

My Focus

My focus during massage is simple: compassion, intention and client centered therapy. I believe that in order to create a session truly capable of positive change I must work from a place of compassion and I must set the intention of helping you achieve your session goals. Client centered therapy has always been the focus of my practice. I am here to help you and support your wellness goals.